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Tour 1 english

Crime and Gangster Tour through the Heart of Berlin

Let us lead you to the dark side of Berlin - to tell the tales of cold blooded killers, executions, bank robbers and eccentric inspectors.

Our meeting point will be Alexanderplatz - which is exactly where a nefarious crook picked up his criminal career. Like his role model, iconic Al Capone, he aspired to becoming a feared gang leader. On site, you will learn what became of his ambitions.

Our next destination is the Alexa department store. Before the war, this was home to „The Red Castle“, a notorious police station where ingenious Head of Homicide Ernst Gennat ruled in the 20s and 30s.

Next, we will pass by the Regional Courthouse, continue along the Spree river, the former State Mint „Alte Münze“ and end up in the historic Nikolaiviertel.

The criminal cases will bring us back to the time of the Weimarer Republic, when infamous Berlin Ringvereine ruled over the underworld. We will take a look at how tricky it wto investigate crime in a divided city and last but not least, we will also give you a taste of Berlin's recent criminal history.

Duration: 2  hours
meeting point: Weltzeituhr clock at Alexanderplatz
end of tour: Hackescher Markt

Rates public tour: 
Individuals: 19,50€ per person
students, age 12-15: 12€
students, over 15: 16€

Rates tour for individual groups: 
Small groups (1-10) 215€, each additional person 21,50€
Large groups (17-20) 360€, each additional person 11€
(all prices including VAT)


Here you can find all the dates of the public tour.
For individual tours, please contact us bei email oder phone.

TOURS 2024

At the moment there is no public english tour. 
We'll keep this site updated.

Meeting Point for english tour

Weltzeituhr, Alexanderplatz Berlin